Virtual Data Room (VDR)

  • Petrotechnical and other professionals provided to identify and gather the required data
  • Manage the distribution of CD-ROM or portable hard drives for large seismic datasets if required
  • Building of the VDR, arranging and populating the data structure, preparing the splash page and quick-links to key documents
  • Management of data updates, management of communication to buyer-list
  • Management of Q&A process
  • Regular client updates of activity

Physical Data Room

  • Gathering and copying of physical data
  • Office locations across the globe at key oil & gas centres available to host discrete, comfortable and spacious rooms
  • Provision of workstations and expert petrotechnical support to ensure efficient and productive buyer visits
  • Hosting and participation in management presentations
  • Management and administration of buyer visits
  • Retrieval of data and destruction/return confirmations from buyers and safe return of originals