Client support through to completion

Report’s to Client weekly or as required

Collection and preparation of data

Creation of;

  • Transaction timetable
  • Teaser

  • Generation of buyer lists


  • Advising on deal strategy and expected value
  • Contacting and engaging buyers, manage CA’s
  • Creation of professional Information Memorandum’s, reports and management of distribution process
  • Creation of professional Management Presentation’s, hosting, participation and administration of buyer deal-team appointments and diaries
  • Hosting of physical data rooms
  • Creation and management of a Virtual Data Room


  • Receiving and development of bids
  • Negotiation



  • Confidential data retrieval

In-depth knowledge of the E&P sector

Extensive network and access to key decision-makers

Up-to-date understanding of buyer and seller rationales

Support for;

  • Pro-active search and counterparty engagement
  • Specific buy-side transaction processes

Opportunity Assessment;

  • Prepare country, corporate and asset background materials for boardroom-level discussions
  • Quantify reserves and resource categories to PRMS standard, prepare profiles, benchmark costs and asset valuations
  • Identify, describe and assess risks, uncertainties and assess potential upsides
  • Build valuation models
  • Key value-driver sensitivity analysis


  • Starcap has good relationships with capital markets and knowledge of respective capacities, costs and access requirements
  • Public equity & debt markets
  • Private equity & family offices
  • Creation of Competent Persons Report’s to support Reserve Based Lending facilities